KLF distributes $2 million to ranchers affected by December wildfires

The Kansas Livestock Foundation distributed $2 million in relief funds last week to 94 Kansas applicants who were affected by wildfires and severe storms in December. A special committee, including representatives from KLF and the Kansas Livestock Association, reviewed the applications and developed a formula to equitably allocate the funds.

Applicants lost more than 2,100 head of livestock and about 750 miles of fence, and reported nearly 117,000 acres burned.

KLF and KLA leaders extend a special thanks to those who donated to the relief fund. More than 2,100 generous contributors from 41 states gave to the cause.

Donations still are being accepted for those impacted by the wildfires that have occurred this spring. To donate, click here or send a check with “wildfire relief” written in the memo line to Kansas Livestock Foundation, 6031 S.W. 37th St., Topeka, KS 66614.

Affected producers can apply for KLF relief funds by clicking here and filling out the form, which asks about livestock, fence and structures lost, grazing acres burned and veterinary costs to treat sick or injured animals. Applications are due May 15. Applicants do not have to be KLA members.