Company offers new pest management technology

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, Collierville, Tennessee, has introduced new pest management technology with the exclusive Protecta method promises to build fungicides and insecticides differently, relying on diligent design, expert analysis and verified results. The announcement comes as disease and insect control is becoming harder for growers across the country due to challenging conditions in the field.

Protecta is Helena’s plan to overcome these challenges. It begins in the Helena Products Group lab, where skilled chemists harness the potential of the best active ingredients on the market. After identifying the best ratios and concentrations and applying Helena’s unique Formulation Technology, new fungicides and insecticides come to life.

The performance of new products is judged in the field. Helena’s Research and Development team spends years evaluating fungicides and insecticides in development, measuring them against top competitors in diverse geographies and climates. Third-party researchers are crucial to the process, providing unbiased feedback to ensure all products in development meet Protecta’s high standards of performance.

Fungicides and insecticides built by Protecta contain balanced and consistent formulations. They combine better disease and insect control with enhanced compatibility, handling and application. Helena will launch its first Protecta brand soon with the introduction of Mogul, a foliar fungicide pre-mix for soybeans. It will be followed by six additional fungicides and insecticides for multiple crops over the next few years.

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