Immersive demonstrations planned for Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 9-12

The 2022 Soybean Management Field Days are Aug. 9 to 12. This year’s field days feature more demonstration-based presentations and added opportunities for interactive discussion. Growers will also have opportunities to get questions answered.

The field days bring research-based information to growers to improve soybean profitability. Local to global issues that are important to farmers will be addressed. Attendees will learn about the various Nebraska Soybean Board checkoff dollar research, marketing and education efforts.

Brought to you by the Nebraska Soybean Board and Nebraska Extension, the field days begin with 9 a.m. registration and conclude at 2:30 p.m. Free registration is available the day of the event.

The event consists of four stops across the state, each with demonstration plots, lunch and time for questions. Dates and locations are:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 9 — Blue Hill, Nebraska – Toepfer Farms

  • Wednesday, Aug. 10 — Central City, Nebraska – Greg Greving Farm

  • Thursday, Aug. 11 — Brownville, Nebraska – Daryl Obermeyer Farm

  • Friday, Aug. 12 — Decatur, Nebraska – Method Farms

“Nebraska Soybean Board looks forward to another road trip across Nebraska to provide helpful information and demonstrations to our producers to utilize on their farms. It’s an excellent way to provide unbiased research that hopefully impacts their bottom line,” said Scott Ritzman, Nebraska Soybean Board executive director.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln agronomists, plant disease experts and insect specialists will be available to address questions. Participants can bring unknown crop problems for complimentary identification.

According to Nebraska Extension Educator, Aaron Nygren, “This is an excellent opportunity to gather and discuss soybean production practices that are important to your operation with other farmers and University of Nebraska specialists and educators.”

For more information about the field days and maps to sites, visit ENREC or contact the Nebraska Soybean Board at 402-441-3240 or Nebraska Extension at 402-624-8030.