Be aware of turning in paperwork before haying and grazing CRP

Landowners need to contact their local U.S. Department of Agriculture before they begin haying or grazing their Conservation Reserve Program acreage to make their request and discuss requirements.

The deadlines for haying CRP acreage are as follows:

• Emergency haying—one cutting could be authorized up to 60 days from when the activity is approved but no later than Sept. 30.

• Non-emergency haying—one cutting no later than Aug. 31.

Landowners must not use land enrolled in CRP for the storage of hay bales. Bales must be removed to ensure that there is no long-term damage to the cover.

The deadlines for grazing CRP acreage are as follows:

• Emergency grazing—up to 90 days ending Sept. 30.

• Non-emergency grazing—up to 120 days ending Nov. 1.