Football series includes ties to Iowa’s corn heritage

Iowa Corn takes pride in sponsoring the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series to celebrate a great tradition, a great rivalry and great farmers across the state. It’s a tribute to the hardworking student athletes and is an opportunity to showcase Iowa’s hardworking farmers who produce the more than 4,000 corn products that fuel the economy.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board partner with Learfield on behalf of the University of Iowa and Iowa State University Athletic Departments for the title sponsorship of the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series. The game starts at 3 p.m. Sept. 10 at Iowa City.

• The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series is a year-long competition and tracks the head-to-head matchups in each sport with each victory earning points toward the overall series championship.

• 2022 marks the 11th year of the competition between the Cyclone and Hawkeye Athletic Departments, which engages over 70% of Iowans who tune in to the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series™ football game every year.

Whether you cheer for the Hawkeyes or Cyclones, Iowa Corn farmers are united in their passion to provide nourishing food and clean-burning fuel for our state, country and world in a way that’s sustainable for years to come. The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series provides an opportunity to showcase corn and the farmers that grow it. The tradition brings Iowans together for something bigger than the game. A true Iowans Win moment.

• Many Iowans have experienced the “highway view” of corn. But some might not know that Iowa leads the nation in corn production, and farmers are proud of the many ways it benefits our state—from food to fuel to conservation. You might think Iowa grows corn, but the truth is, corn grows Iowa. And when that happens, Iowans win.

• Corn is Iowa’s No. 1 crop and the foundation of its economy. One in every six Iowans has an ag-related job, and we lead the nation in both corn and ethanol production. That’s a lot of wins for a lot of Iowans.

• Corn plays a role in your tailgating spread. If you’re enjoying corn-fed meat, dairy or eggs, you’re supporting local farmers. Same for that bag of chips and those adult beverages. When you visit a grocery store, you can find corn in more than 4,000 products.

• Corn-based ethanol is a renewable fuel that’s better for our environment, our health and our wallets—and it’s grown right in our backyard. Iowa produces more of ethanol than any other state. That gives Iowans a choice at the pump and delivers savings as they make their way to the stadium.

• Blending ethanol into fuel slices greenhouse gas emissions and reduces cancer-causing toxins in our air. That’s a win for fans cheering on the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.

• More than 97% of Iowa’s farms are family owned. A desire to continue that legacy motivates farmers to leave the land better than they found it. Doing so requires the utmost care of our water and soil.

• You can fill up your cup or water bottle straight from the tap at both Kinnick and Jack Trice thanks to the steps farmers have taken to protect Iowa’s water supply.