New seed treatment can help protect corn crop

Beginning with 2023 planting, corn growers can expect to have access to enhanced protection for the genetic potential of their seed investment against key early season diseases.

Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment, part of the LumiGEN seed treatment portfolio, will provide corn seedlings with enhanced protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Pythium.

“Growers who chose Pioneer brand corn hybrids will benefit from Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment, a new and exclusive corn product from Corteva Agriscience that provides an additional layer of protection against Rhizoctonia,” said Brad Van Kooten, Pioneer Seed Treatment category leader from the Johnston, Iowa-based company. “With less pressure from disease, corn seedlings can emerge stronger and more uniform with fuller, healthier root systems to get a strong start toward reaching their yield potential at harvest.”

In addition to improved disease protection, growers also can expect to see better yield consistency as they encounter higher disease pressure in fields. Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment provides yield advantages over the current industry standard seed treatments. Across all environments, Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment delivers a consistent 1 buschels per acre yield advantage, while in higher disease environments, the advantage jumps to 3 bushels per acre in multiyear trials.

Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment will be partnered with ipconazole fungicide seed treatment and L-2012 R biofungicide. This new premium combination for Pioneer brand corn forms an industry-leading protection package with two modes of action for Pythium, three modes of action for Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, and one mode of action against head smut.

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