Nearly $11,000 raised for ranch group at Platte Livestock Market

Platte Livestock Market recently hosted a fundraiser that raised nearly $11,000 for R-CALF USA, the largest national producer only organization, whose mission is to ensure the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry.

"It was noticed that we had more rancher involvement supporting R-CALF,” said Brad Veurink, auctioneer at Platte Livestock Market. “Businesses stuck with us supporting the fundraiser. It was a good day."

According to Veurink, cattle producers understand what R-CALF USA is doing and are tuned into the hot button issues like mandatory country of origin labeling for beef and how much beef the U.S. imports.

For the second year in a row, James Fulwider and Kevin Talsma, both of Iona, donated a steer for the fundraiser.

"It’s a no brainer for me to donate to R-CALF, as a cattle producer, because they don’t take money from the beef checkoff, they can truly represent the independent cattle producer without having to satisfy outside forces," Fulwider explained.

"I continue to support R-CALF because I can’t stand the thought of the American consumers being deceived at the meat counter,” he commented. “Find me a consumer that tells me that they do not want their beef labeled. I have never found one yet.”

Fulwider said there was tremendous business support at the rollover fundraiser.

“When I was in high school Gregory, South Dakota, had three grocery stores. Now we have one,” he noted. “Our area businesses know that they can only survive with cattle producers supporting them.

“If we don’t save this cattle industry there is no future in it for young families to come back and that will continue to affect every main street in every small town,” Fulwider said adding, “Even if we win today, we have to keep fighting because there will always be another fight at our front door."