Tragedy inspired people to pray

Recently Damar Hamlin, a football player for the Buffalo Bills, collapsed on the field. Emergency responders had to shock him on the field to bring him back to life.

I was happy to see the entire team gathered around and immediately started praying for him and his teammates are very thankful that he is getting better.

Then Hamlin came on national television and stated he wanted to thank every last person who prayed for him. The interesting part is I doubt every last person on the team would claim to believe in God but when it was life and death it appeared they were all asking God to spare his life.

In the past week our cattle market was great with weaned steers weighing 429 pounds bringing $1,129 per head. And the steers weighing 523 pounds brought $1,159 per head. Our 858-pound steers brought $1,565 per head. Those are very good prices; however, you can hedge those steers for May at $195 and August at $205. Next November is $209.

We still need moisture very badly with most of our area from here west looking like we just drilled our wheat. To the east and south you can see wheat that is 3 or 4 inches tall with some calves out on the wheat. What an interesting, or maybe I should say, challenging year. If you buy anything you can’t believe how much higher it is than last year.

Feeders are very scarce with a lot long weaned calves coming back to the auction with the prices they are bringing. With all this, it appears we will have less to sell later.

Our recent Tuesday sale we had nice 4-year-old bred cows that were Red Angus that brought $1,575 to $1,660 per head.

I went to court the other day. The judge asked me, “Are you the defendant in this case?” I said, “No, I got a lawyer to defend me. I am the one who stole the chickens.” Then the judge said, “Do you challenge any of the jury?” I said, “Well, I think I could whip that smaller guy on the end.”

Not long ago most of my buddies had quit drinking. Then Congress put another high tax on liquor that drove all of them to drink again.

The teenage boy told his father, “Dad, instead of buying me an expensive birthday present this year why don’t you give me something you made yourself?” The dad said, “Well, like what?” The boy said, “Money!”

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are the author’s own and do not represent the view of High Plains Journal. Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.