Research and technology insight provided at cotton conference

The 850 attendees at the 2023 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans, Louisiana, were offered multiple presentations on key issues and the latest research and technology than can have an impact on the U.S. cotton industry.

The forum’s two-day Consultants Conference provided attendees with insight on ThryvOn cotton; herbicide resistance; the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol; changes in weather patterns and the impact on crops; regulatory updates; pesticides and the Endangered Species Act; new precision agriculture technologies; retail inventory/supply chain status of fertilizer and chemistries; and dicamba usage.

The BWCC’s 12 cotton technical sessions, which met concurrently for two days, provided updates on timely topics ranging from remote sensing and robotics to soil health and sustainability.

Michael Gore, noted scientist and professor in Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Science, is the 2022 Cotton Genetics Research Award recipient. The announcement, made as part of the 2023 Beltwide Cotton Improvement Conference, noted that Gore was selected by the Joint Cotton Breeding Committee.