Deere offers upgraded See and Spray technology

John Deere has introduced See and Spray Ultimate, a factory-installed system available for model year 2023 John Deere 410R, 412R, and 612R sprayers that enables targeted spraying of non-residual herbicide on weeds among corn, soybean and cotton plants. 

See and Spray Ultimate’s targeted spray technology was designed by Blue River Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Deere. Cameras and processors mounted on John Deere’s new carbon-fiber truss-style boom utilize the combined power of computer vision and machine learning to detect weeds from crop plants. There is one camera mounted every one meter across the width of the boom, which equates to 36 cameras on a 120-foot boom scanning more than 2,100 square feet at once. The accuracy of the target spray is enhanced by BoomTrac Ultimate, the new, industry-leading boom height control system from John Deere.

Another key component of See and Spray Ultimate is the split tank with dual-product capability, which helps farmers better control weeds and battle herbicide resistance. Two tank options are available, 1,200 and 1,000 gallons. The 1,200-gallon option is split into a 450-gallon tank for targeted spraying and a 750-gallon tank for broadcast spraying. The 1,000-gallon option is split into a 350-gallon tank for targeted spraying and a 650-gallon tank broadcast spraying.

John Deere MY23 sprayers come factory equipped with JDLink connectivity, plus a new integrated StarFire 7000 GPS receiver, and Generation 4 CommandCenter display. The StarFire 7000 receiver builds upon the success of its predecessors and brings to market a new type of RTK signal, SF-RTK. SF-RTK is the easiest RTK solution to use relying solely on satellite communication. These technologies combined enable the operator to reduce overlap and maximize inputs all with less stress.

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