HPJ announces ‘Homemade in the High Plains’ cookbook

There is no question farmers feed the world. As recent as 2016, it was estimated one farmer produced enough food to feed 164 people and that figure has only increased since then.

But behind every hard-working farm family is also a woman who cooks for the harvest crew, picks up much needed parts in town, jumps in the tractor and rakes hay when asked, raises the next generation of agriculturists and waits up for her husband when he works late into the night. She is dedicated, resilient, patient and understands the assignment. The farmer feeds the world, but she feeds the farmer. And although she does not ask for recognition, she deserves it all the same. In honor of the women who support their family farms, High Plains Journal is creating a cookbook entitled, “Homemade in the High Plains.”

Additionally, since this is the 15th anniversary of HPJ’s All Aboard Wheat Harvest program, we will be including a special section entitled Harvest meals in a hurry: 30 minutes or less, which will include ideal meals for the field that are quick, easy to eat on the go and satisfy the appetite of hungry harvesters. Other categories will include: appetizers and beverages, breads and rolls, desserts, main dishes, side dishes and veggies, and soups and salads. Those who submit recipes for the book will be asked for personal stories associated with their recipes and lessons they’ve learned in the kitchen, which will also be included in the book.

HPJ staff will select one grand prize winner from each category of the cookbook and those recipes and individuals will be highlighted within the book, online and during the All Aboard Harvest coverage this summer and fall. The cookbooks will be available for pre-order the first week of April and are expected to be shipped out to customers in May. We hope this compilation of recipes from the women of the High Plains will be a treasured piece of your cookbook collection that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We invite everyone to submit recipes through a form on the website, www.hpj.com/cookbook. Recipes will be accepted from now until March 13, 2023. For specific questions about the recipe book, contact Kylie Reiss at [email protected] or 785-346-4067.

Lacey Vilhauer can be reached at 620-227-1871 or [email protected].