Time is on your sideline

What if I told you Vince Lombardi was a farmer? In a different uniform, I bet he would relate to most producers. He did not raise wheat or manage a cattle program, but he did cultivate character and inspire people to be the best with what they have. He had 1.32 acres, a football field, and a conviction to chase perfection in the hope of catching excellence. In our universe, championships are won with profitability per acre, efficiency and rate of gain. It is your time to call the play and your time that will prepare you to win.

In pursuit of profitability, our time is the commodity with the highest cash bid. It is a continuous game of prioritization, sacrifice and balance. Whether that is vaccinations, putting hay down, planting rotations, weaning calves, ration mixes, or capturing the harvest window, we could all use a “TV timeout.” Not to mention those non-work items too. Experience reminds you that consuming crucial time with nonwork usually means it gets squeezed from somewhere else. So you sacrifice and your free time is cannibalized again. Day after day. Leisure transforms to moments and like the day it becomes shorter and shorter. If only our time had a balance sheet, or a tax ledger. Is it the choices we make, preparation or procrastination that stretch the time bank, or could we simply blame the increasing number of options the world has graciously offered. Whether it is “Lombardi time” or daylight savings, the hours of opportunity remain. It is 24-hours each sunup and sundown. Our time is a premium and is why it is such a gift when we share it with those we care about.

Even High Plains Journal is asking you for more. Sure, we have had an appointment each week for the last 75 years with nearly 35,000 farm and ranch families, but now we also share email inboxes with over 50,000 others each day (hpj.com/signup/). Not to mention the events you attend and the time spent on hpj.com and social channels. Like the legendary coach, we desire to help you win. Trust that we will continue to be a source worth your time no matter how or when it best fits within your routine.

It is important to our organization and families we serve that we dedicate a moment to thank you for sharing your time and resources. Appreciation cannot express the gratitude we endear. You have countless choices when it comes to agriculture news, insights, and how you spend your time chasing perfection on the farm. Together we represent and serve an essential market. Let’s not let our time together sideline goals; instead, let’s show the world what the back of our uniform is all about.

Zac Stuckey can be reached at 620-227-1833 or [email protected].