Reinke increases investment in CropX to boost growers’ agronomic efficiency

Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc., Deshler, Nebraska, has announced its partnership participation in a $30 million Series C financing round for CropX Technologies. The investment will be used to continue developing the innovative capabilities of the CropX agronomic farm management system. 

Reinke, a center pivot manufacturer, by working together with CropX, a digital agronomic farm management company, can assure growers they are using water and other resources in the most efficient way.  By combining farm data, real-time conditions, and agronomic knowledge, Reinke and CropX provide the grower with powerful insights and advice for their agronomic operations.   

Reinke President Chris Roth said, “Reinke is expanding the offerings to meet the increased demand of the customers. Using Reinke precision irrigation and the CropX agronomic farm management system, operations can be streamlined and monitored from anywhere.”  

Growers are more proactive with Reinke and CropX. The CropX system is a total agronomic farm management tool.  It helps growers monitor when and how much water to apply before crops show signs of stress, as well as continuously monitor salinity and nitrogen leaching to maximize nitrogen use.  In addition, growers can control costs with its reliable digital fungal disease management advisor.  The CropX system also allows growers to turn animal waste into an asset for growing their pasture and crops, while minimizing runoff and drainage. The grower knows exactly what the crops need and when.  The operations are controlled from the powerful yet simple CropX app, which is accessible via Reinke’s ReinCloud app. The integration of Reinke and CropX makes the experience for the grower easier to use. 

Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO commented, “From our beginnings in precision irrigation management, we are excited to work with Reinke in bringing a full arsenal of solutions to the market this season providing an all-in-one agronomic management system that helps farms save time and money. We are also making our platform even easier to use with a capability that directly captures machine data. With Reinke’s investment, we will continue innovating to bring a robust and easy-to-use digital solution to global farms.”