Two Nebraska state recreation areas will allow fireworks on July 4

Visitors to two state recreation areas will be allowed to touch off fireworks on July 4. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission urges them to be careful when lighting fireworks.

The areas that will permit fireworks from 8 a.m. until midnight on July 4 are Fort Kearny SRA and Wagon Train SRA.

Due to exceptional drought conditions, Branched Oak, Memphis and Pawnee SRAs will not permit fireworks as they have in past years.

Signs at Fort Kearny and Wagon Train will point the way to designated fireworks sites, and boundaries will be clearly marked. Use of fireworks elsewhere in state parks areas or at other times is prohibited.

Only fireworks approved for sale in Nebraska by the state fire marshal are permitted, and visitors must pick up expended fireworks and deposit them in appropriate containers. Minor children must be supervised when discharging fireworks. Use, possession and the discharging of fireworks is at the sole risk of the users.

A park entry permit is required for all vehicles entering state parks areas.