What To Expect On The New HPJ.com Coming This Summer

The High Plains Journal continues the mission to make its digital content more accessible and immersive.


Enhanced User Login

HPJ.com website users have spoken, and High Plains Journal has heard them loud and clear. One of the key aspects of the new website will be a simple process for logging in and enhanced settings will allow users to stay logged in for greater periods of time without being interrupted. Additionally, enrolling in digital access for print users will be easier than ever and will require little more than having your latest copy of High Plains Journal on hand.

Improved Site Speed & Accessibility Across Devices

Today’s farmer and rancher is constantly on the move – demanding more than ever from their digital products. The new hpj.com will be faster and more mobile-friendly to improve the experience for both smartphone and tablet users.

New Content Categories

While most content categories will remain the same, website users can expect to see a few new ones as well. Some such as Tools & Tech will be new additions while others such as Regional Roundup will more closely reflect what is published in the print edition. A new section, HPJ Originals, will highlight original content series such as All Aboard Wheat Harvest, The Story of a Steak, and more. These special features offer fresh and intimate looks into the incredible work that America’s farmers put into feeding the world.

Revamped Newsletters & Email Preferences

New account features on hpj.com will allow users to discover and explore the various newsletters High Plains Journal has to offer. These topical newsletters make it easier than ever for producers to get the content most relevant to them. Existing newsletters – Beef, Wheat, Sorghum, Cotton, Insights, Alfalfa/Forage, and Row Crop will be joined by new ones including Opinion, Water, and more. Whether a longtime print subscriber or a recent event attendee, High Plains Journal encourages everyone to create an account and explore the various content offerings.

Press Contact:

Jennifer Jones │ High Plains Journal, Marketing 


[email protected]