Who was Maurice Strong? 

The other day John Bolin, a retired law enforcement official and United States marshal, made a statement on my radio program that caused me to go back in time. We were talking about CO2 pipelines and the blaming of carbon dioxide—a plant food—for the demise of climate health. 

Trent Loos
Trent Loos

Bolin said, “Trent, you probably know where this all started but where we are now is insane.” I do know where this all started, and I haven’t talked about Maurice Strong for far too long.  

Many of you know that I got into the media gig because of the threat I saw from the animal rights efforts against the ownership of animals. Little did I realize then about the connection between animal ownership, climate change and property rights. I now realize the billions of dollars that come into the U.S. have nothing to do with improved animal care and everything to do with removing our ability to own any property.  

So who was Maurice Strong? 

Strong was born in Canada and in 1972. While working as a vice president for the United Nations, he organized the first ever Earth Summit.   

Regarding the animal rights movement, Strong was actually a dog breeder with a seat on the board of the Humane Society of the United States. It was his involvement here that first caught my attention. He supported legislation that created fewer dog breeders.  

He was also in leadership or advisory positions with the World Wildlife Fund, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, the World Resources Institute and the Commission of Global Governance. Clearly, it was the influence through these organizations that led the world into the Environmental Social Governance matrix, which I refer to as the Earth Starvation Gimmick. 

For the record, he died in 2015 so he did not get to see the impact of his movement and how we are willingly signing up out of fear.  

Strong also had involvement in the development of Chinese trading carbon around the world. 

The concept here was that if China, being a huge polluter, could talk industries from other parts of the world into “going green” for tax credits, China could just forward them a pittance in exchange for their business going broke trying to become carbon neutral. That is exactly why the concept of “going green” has nothing to do with energy but with restructuring society. 

Strong and the United Nations first had to create an “earth worshipping” attitude for the market to drive the demand for carbon tax credits. It is widely reported that he did this with partners with whom you will be familiar like “earth worship” embodied in the Earth Charter, which he co-authored with Mikhail Gorbachev, the ex-Soviet premier, and David Rockefeller, a guru of the “interfaith” movement. 

Clearly someone who has a tremendous understanding of the world that Strong brought about is Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center. He was quoted in a Chalcedon Education piece in 2004 saying, “If you’re going to destroy Western culture, you first have to get rid of Christianity. Everything of value in Western culture springs from Christianity. 

“I once heard Maurice Strong talk about a novel he’d like to write someday—about the collapse of the industrialized nations. And he said, ‘Isn’t it our job to bring that about?” 

China is controlling our land without spending one single dollar to acquire it, much like the Bolsheviks who later under Joseph Stalin voted themselves into servitude. We must rise above and see the siege that we are under before it is absolutely too late.  

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