Market wheat show results

Photo courtesy of U.S. Wheat Associates.

During the 2023 wheat harvest, local producers were encouraged to have local grain elevators collect samples for the 2023 Market Wheat Show. Many samples were exhibited at county fairs and winning samples were exhibited at the Kansas State Fair earlier this month. Jay Derley of Lewis, Kansas, exhibited the Grand Champion sample with an entry of Doublestop CL+. The other winners include:

Class 01 All Hard White Wheat Varieties

1 Brad Whitman Wichita County Silverado

Class 02 All HRW Blends

1 LaVern Potuzak Republic County Blend

2 Royden Dersten Ford County Blend

3 Mat Mai Russell County Blend

4 Larry Stude Pawnee County Blend

5 Gerald Mai Russell County Blend

Class 03 All Other Private HRW Varieties or Hybrids

1 Brandon Riffey Pratt County SY Achieve

2 Jaxten Fimple Ness County AP18AX

3 Emily George Rush County Bigfoot

4 Clark Greene Pawnee County LCS Photon

5 Ruben Blatz Gray County T-158

Class 04 All Westbred/Monsanto Varieties

1 Lyle Katz Edwards County WB 4792

2 Mark Baus Rush County WB 4792

3 Gary Graff Wichita County WB 4792

4 Rick Sherer Kiowa County WB 4792

5 Piper Brown Russell County WB Grainfield

Class 05 All KSU HRW Varieties

1 Dan Wimmer Ellsworth County Bob Dole

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2 Jaiden Pfannensteil Ellis County Oakley

3 Greg Turek Sumner County Bob Dole

4 Colten Katz Edwards County Jagger

5 Waymaster Farms Russell County Bob Dole

Class 06 All Other Public HRW Varieties

1 Jay Derley Edwards County Doublestop CL

2 Jason Hildenbrand Pratt County Doublestop CL

3 Fred Newby Mem. Pratt County Doublestop CL

4 Jason Howell Pratt County Smith’s Gold

5 Allen & Beth Vogel Ford County Doublestop CL

Sponsors for the Market Wheat Show include the Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Kansas Wheat Commission, and the Stafford County Flour Mills.