Oct. 12 is National Farmer Day

corn field (Photo: iStock - zhengzaishuru)

Producing more and doing it with less is sustainability in Nebraska. As farmers are working long hours to bring their crops in this harvest, Nebraska Corn celebrates the vital work each of them does this National Farmer’s Day on Oct. 12.

In 2021, Nebraska had 44,800 farms and ranches across the state, emphasizing on corn, soybeans, beef and hogs. Leading the country with no-till acres, Nebraska is well-known for the farms and farmers who care for the land. With less than 2% of the population directly involved in agriculture, it’s vital to understand where food is grown, developed and processed to feed consumers.

As over 97% of farms in Nebraska are family-owned, it’s an opportunity to see many generations work together to continue the legacy of those before them. Farmers today are focused on sustainability and ensuring the land today is the same land to pass down for years to come. Below are ways farmers have made a sustainable impact on the land they grow corn on.

Since 1980:

  • Corn farmers have decreased the amount of land required to produce a bushel of corn by 44%.
  • Corn farmers have decreased water use by 56% with every irrigated bushel grown.
  • Corn farmers have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 48% with every bushel grown.
  • Corn farmers have increased efficiency by 55% with every bushel grown.

Nebraska farmers aren’t finished. There are goals established to continue this growth and expand on the next goals.

“For Nebraskans, agriculture is a way of life,” said Kelly Brunkhorst, executive director of Nebraska Corn. “We are thankful for farmers each day, but today is an opportunity to dedicate to their hours in the field and preserving our state with their emphasis on sustainability measures. We are growing more efficiently for both the crop and the farmer and look forward to what is to come.”

Preserving the land ensures the future and the future is in good hands. View Nebraska Corn’s sustainability video at nebraskacorn.gov/corn-101/corn-innovation/sustainability/.