Firm unveils crimping gauge wheel

Odebolt, Iowa-based plastics manufacturer, Lundell Plastics Corp., officially unveiled its latest product: The crimping gauge wheel. This patented crimping gauge wheel provides crimping for terminating cover crops.

With the rising cost of inputs, Lundell Plastics’ new solution for terminating cover crops is an effective alternative to herbicides.

The crimping gauge wheel provides an excellent crimp, effectively killing off the cover crop without needing herbicides. Unlike pull-type crimpers, these wheels follow the ground’s contour to get nearly a 100% kill–even on uneven terrain.

Crimping gauge wheel benefits:

  • Direct bolt-on replacement for factory gauge wheels;
  • Does not require additional passes through the field, saving time and fuel;
  • No need to worry about planting in the same direction as a previous crimper pass; and
  • Assists planter through thick covers to get the seed in the ground.

Cover crop benefits include:

  • Shades soil for optimal moisture retention;
  • Provides necessary nutrients for optimal crop growth;
  • Provides a slow release of nutrients to the soil as it decomposes; and
  • Increases crop yield.

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