Additives available to help sheep, goat producers

Purina Animal Nutrition. (Courtesy photo.)

Purina Animal Nutrition, Arden Mills, Minnesota, has announced two new nutrition products designed to address the top challenges of sheep and goat producers with Purina Accuration Sheep and Goat R+R Block and PurinaRestEZ Sheep Balancer.

PurinaAccurationSheep & Goat R+R Block is a unique, weather-resistant vitamin and mineral supplement designed to support animals during the high stress of reproductive and receiving transitions. It contains 12% protein, 5% fat, a high-quality mineral pack with bioavailable zinc and manganese for reproductive health, as well as three different heat abatement technologies.

Whether you’re using artificial insemination, embryo transfer or natural service, the block is recommended to be fed from 60 days before breeding through the end of the second trimester.

The PurinaAccurationSheep & Goat R+R Block is also recommended for feedlots to help get newly weaned lambs or kids on feed faster. The block is designed to support young animals during high-stress transitions, is highly palatable to help entice animals to try it and includes Accuration technology to help balance intake and avoid over-consumption.

The popularity of balancer products continues to grow as producers look to reduce the nutritional gap when feeding commodity blends. After launching the Purina RestEZSheep and Goat Supplement last year, Purina responded to customer requests and included this new technology in an existing balancer product.

The Purina Sheep Balancer many producers have come to trust now includes RestEZtechnology, formulated to support immune and digestive health in many environmental conditions, including dirt and dust, close quarters and extreme heat or cold.

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