Reasons to be thankful are many 

(Photo by Todd Johnson, OSU Agriculture.)

What are you most thankful for? Your family? Your kids? Your faith? Your freedom? 

With all the turmoil in the world this would be a good year to remind your family how fortunate they are to live in America. Despite all the negative I see here we are still blessed. I feel blessed to live in the country and in an area where people are friendly and where most people care about their neighbors. 

"Just A Scoopful" - Jerry Nine
“Just A Scoopful” – Jerry Nine

And I am thankful there is not war in our area and fearful a bomb might go off at any moment. Stand up for what you believe in. I went to Lexington Prison this past week where an inmate gave a sermon at a prison ministry. He said if a five-minute prayer every day and one hour on Sunday is all you have to offer God that isn’t much. 

Another said the most dangerous deception is deceiving yourself. In Christianity and life there are no do overs but there is another chance for a fresh start. 

Whatever the main reason is that our cattle market has tumbled quite a bit in the past month or so I am not sure. Possibly the packers wanted to try to lower it and then the funds jumped on board. Or perhaps we had peaked out at these higher levels. 

Fat cattle are still a good price. Some feeder cattle at the sale seem cheap after getting used to those higher figures. Yet on the better-quality calves and feeders the price still seems good. 

When you go east and south of Woodward the wheat that was planted early looks very good. And seems to grow 2 to 3 inches every week. 

This past week I saw where it said today police found an unidentified man’s body in a park nearby. They described him as having a beer belly, saggy butt, wrinkles all over and a very small anatomy below the belt. I was afraid that could have been one of many of my customers from the sale barn. I hope you all are alright. 

If you ate turkey instead of beef on Thanksgiving Day then I hope “you choked.” 

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are the author’s own and do not represent the view of High Plains Journal. Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma