Utility readies for winter storm to impact Kansas

Courtesy photo.

Black Hills Energy is closely monitoring the winter weather advisory by the National Weather Service for a winter storm predicted to impact many Kansas customers.

To prepare for the anticipated snow accumulation, nearly 150 Kansas employees are ready to respond, according to James P. Williams, senior community affairs program manager with Black Hills Energy. The above photo is from Black Hills Energy.

Updates, safety information and outage resources can be found at: www.blackhillsenergy.com/weather
Tips for conserving energy can be found at: www.blackhillsenergy.com/winter-ready.

Safety reminders

To prepare, Black Hills Energy is urging home safety in advance of the winter weather with the following guidelines for its natural gas customers.

Natural Gas Safety

Snow and ice buildup on your natural gas meter can create a safety hazard and even cut off the flow of natural gas to your heating equipment and other appliances. Please follow these guidelines for staying safe:

  • Gently clear snow away by hand or with a broom. Do not use a shovel, ice pick or other sharp tools, damage could result and make the situation worse.
  • Keep snow blowers and shovels away from gas meters and other above-ground equipment.
  • Carefully clear snow away from the outdoor vent on high-efficiency furnaces and gas water heaters. These appliances will not run safely and efficiently if the vents are blocked.
  • Safely remove ice buildup from overhead eaves that could fall and damage gas meters below.
  • Point out the meter and any other above-ground utility structures to anyone you hire for snow removal.
  • Make sure the carbon monoxide detector in your home has fresh batteries and is functioning properly.  

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