Feedworks USA introduces a new electrolyte product line for beef and dairy

Courtesy photo.

Feedworks USA, Cincinnati, Ohio, has introduced Feedworks Lytes, a family of scientifically formulated electrolyte products designed to keep dairy and beef cattle hydrated and productive.

Porfolio products

The product portfolio includes the following:

• Feedworks Lytes for Calves—an oral electrolyte calf supplement specifically formulated to support hydration and electrolyte balance in pre-weaned calves during periods of illness and stress. It provides electrolytes, an energy source and glycine.

Feedworks Lytes for Calves also features a unique flavor to attract and encourage water consumption. Available in a 10-dose resealable bag, calf raisers can mix it easily with water, milk or milk replacer.

• Feedworks Lytes for Calf Ranch—an oral supplement based on a proactive approach to maintain hydration in healthy calves during the critical preweaning period.

When given as directed (one packet per 128 gallons of water or one teaspoon per two quarts of water), this cost-effective electrolyte provides fluids, energy, select vitamins, chelated minerals and the amino acid glycine to help calves manage stress and hydration levels.

Unlike any other electrolyte, it is designed to be fed daily at a low level. Feedworks Lytes for Cattle—a ready-to-use, post-weaning through mature cattle oral electrolyte supplement for dairy and beef animals. When mixed in water or feed, this milk-flavored palatable supplement provides a source of energy, electrolytes and select vitamins.

When stress hits

Use Feedworks Lytes for Cattle when animals are facing periods of stress, such as post-weaning, regrouping, health challenges, shipping/receiving and environmental changes.

Feedworks Lytes TMR Heat 400TM—an oral nutritional supplement that combines electrolytes, an osmolyte, glycine, sodium bicarbonate and a stabilized multi-strain of direct fed microbials to help maintain appetite and digestion. It also contains Aspergillus oryzae yeast culture, an ingredient that is proven to reduce core body temperature during periods of heat stress. Available in a 50-pound bag (400 feedings per bag), producers should feed TMR Heat 400 at a rate of 2 ounces per cow daily in a TMR or as a top dress.

For more information, see a representative or visit www.feedworksusa.com.