Nebraska’s PCAP submitted to the EPA

Oklahoma State University scientists will work to uncover the mysteries of bird migration by determining what environmental factors affect migrating bird species and how they are responding to major environmental changes. (Photo by Mitchell Alcala, OSU Agriculture.)

The state of Nebraska has its first-ever Climate Action Plan.

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy submitted the state’s Priority Climate Action Plan to the Environmental Protection Agency on March 1. The PCAP is available on NDEE’s website:

The PCAP was developed with a $3 million Climate Pollution Reduction Grant from the EPA through the Inflation Reduction Act. The CPRG awarded funds to state and local governments to develop climate action plans to reduce greenhouse gases.

NDEE conducted outreach throughout the development of the PCAP to solicit input and feedback from Nebraska citizens and stakeholders. NDEE hosted webinars and online and in-person meetings to ensure the PCAP reflected the needs of Nebraska and its residents.

Now that Nebraska’s PCAP has been submitted, the state is eligible to apply for funds to implement the GHG reduction measures outlined in the plan. The implementation grant funds are competitive, and NDEE is working on Nebraska’s application, due to the EPA by April 1.