Commissioners elected to commodity groups

corn field (Photo: iStock - zhengzaishuru)

The Kansas Department of Agriculture has announced the result of the elections held for the state’s five grain commodity commissions—corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat—in districts I, II and III in the central region of the state.

Grain commodity commissions serve the Kansas agriculture industry by managing their crop’s research promotion and education programs funded with check-off funds. Candidates for the commissions must be growers of the commodity in question and residents in the state and of voting age. They are elected by eligible growers in their district.

Newly elected commissioners for the corn commission, District I: Brian Baalman, Sheridan County; District II: Dennis McNinch, Ness County; and District III: Paige Clawson, Haskell County. For sorghum, commissioners are District II: Jon Berning, Scott County; and District III: Brant Peterson, Stanton County. There were no candidates for commissioner in District I. The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission will appoint these positions. For wheat, commissioners are Brian Linin, Sherman County; Ronald Suppes, Lane County; and Gary Millershaski, Kearny County.

For soybean and sunflowers, because there were no candidates for their respective districts, they will be appointed by their respective commissions.