Experience the magic of storytelling at the Kansas Storytelling Festival

Get ready to step into the enchanting realm of storytelling at the upcoming Kansas Storytelling Festival, which is set for April 26 and 27, in Downs. Organizers say the event promises a weekend filled with laughter, wonder and connection.

Professional storyteller Dianna Waite, from Salina, Kansas, describes the festival experience: “The Kansas Storytelling Festival in Downs gets better and better every year. As the stories unfold, the audience and tellers grow closer together, learning that our stories are universal and connect us all.”

Set in the warm and welcoming community of Downs in north central Kansas, this festival offers an intimate setting where attendees can forge meaningful connections. “The community of Downs is warm and welcoming,” Waite added. “The crowds are small enough to allow everyone to share their stories with each other and the five featured tellers. It is a weekend-long hug.”

“As a Master Storyteller, witnessing the joy of eyes lighting up, hearing bursts of unguarded laughter, and seeing the heartfelt connections forged among the audience are truly rewards of storytelling,” said Kenneth Lee.

People can purchase festival admission buttons online and pick them up at registration, 507 S Morgan Ave., one door north of the Downs Memorial Hall.

For more information and to purchase admission buttons, visit https://www.kansasstorytellingfestival.com/.