Webinar to focus on dairy facility design in a changing climate

Dairy calves (Photo: Taylor Husz - Maryville, Missouri)

The I-29 Moo University dairy webinar will address facility design in a changing climate at noon June 13.

Nesli Akdeniz, assistant professor and Extension specialist in biological systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will discuss how increasing temperatures and extreme weather events affect the design and ventilation of dairy buildings.

She will also cover ventilation techniques that enhance airflow rates and considerations for energy efficiency and reducing ventilation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Akdeniz’s Extension program focuses on livestock buildings, energy-efficient ventilation design, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. More information about her Extension program is available on her website, https://controlledag.wisc.edu.

There is no fee to participate in the webinar; however, registration is required at least one hour before the webinar. Register online at https://go.iastate.edu/DESIGN24.