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Trent Loos Rural Route Radio Podcast May 16, 2024

Jeff Weiss, Susan Bradford and Trent Loos dive into the money funneled into the wealthy of the Soviet Union and how our farmers pay the price. Read More

A woman stands with a shopping cart in front of a shelf full of food in the bread aisle of a grocery store. (Photo: iStock - SDI Productions)

Spend Less and Save More at the Grocery Store

  • By Katie Funderburk │ Alabama A&M University and Auburn University Extension
Texas wildfire (Texas A&M Forest Service photo.)
Money planning (Photo: iStock - Thapana Onphalai)

Patience is key to meeting goals, says K-State expert

Shocked concerned mature woman in glasses holding credit card, staring at smartphone in bad surprise. (Photo: iStock - fizkes)

‘Tis the Season to Not Get Scammed

Producers take a look at the latest in conservation techniques in western Kansas that included cover crops. (Journal photo by Dave Bergmeier.)
A group of gift packages wrapped in different U.S. dollar denominations of twenty, and hundred dollar bills, decorated with red and green bows. (Photo: iStock-YinYang)

How to manage holiday spending

Happy Holidays (Photo by Michelle Crane, Peyton, Colorado.)

Plan now…for Christmas!? K-State extension agent says ‘yes’