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Producers have additional tools when they look at wheat crop’s challenges in 2021

Winter wheat growers understand planting a crop in the fall and waiting until the following year to see the fruits of their labor means they have to have tools to address changing conditions—and they are not alone. Read More

Southern rust of corn confirmed in southeast Nebraska

  • By Tamra Jackson-Ziems and Jenny Rees, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

Ask the determined gardener: Asparagus Rust

Early season sunflower rust can pose severe problems

  • By Robert M. Harveson, Panhandle Research and Extension Center-Scottsbluff

Rust infection can weaken, kill Arkansas native pine trees

  • By Mary Hightower, U of A System Division of Agriculture

Think about stripe rust again

  • By Robert M. Harveson, Panhandle R&E Center, Scottsbluff, and Stephen Wegulo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln