Ground Effect offers soil finisher

Ground Effect, LLC a product line developed by Simonsen Iron Works in Spencer, Iowa, has developed a soil finisher for horse arenas, new construction soil finishing, and landscaping/seed bed preparation or for leveling out gravel or dirt parking lots, baseball diamonds or other high traffic track areas. This product works with a multitude of attachment capabilities so it can work with most skid steers or anything with a Category 1, Category 2 or Category 2 quick hitch 3-point system. The floating roller can be locked out of the debris field if wet conditions persist and spike strip aerating is needed to dry out the area. The spike bar is fully adjustable so the operator can control the depth of cut. The soil finisher has lateral flex side to side of 21 degrees each direction allowing for ease of use even in uneven terrain. There are three different sizes to choose from. This equipment leaves no mechanical signature, requires no external power supply and alleviates operator fatigue common with similar equipment. The attachment is distributed by Price Brothers Equipment, Wichita, Kansas. For more information, call 316-265-9577 or visit