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Controlled burns require vigilance

Here are a few tips to remember when doing a controlled burn. Check the weather for wind speed, wind directions and air quality alerts before you light the fire. Keep the fire contained. Creating firebreaks is the critical first step. You need a continuous line of bare soil be... Read More

Onions (Photo: Cindy Haynes)

Yard and Garden: planting and growing onions

  • By Aaron J. Steil │ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Texas A&M Department of Soil and Crop Sciences graduate student Jessica Atkin was able to produce the first chickpea seeds in a 75% mixture of simulated moondust. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Jessica Atkin)

From moon ‘dust’ to moon ‘soil’

A quick soil test can provide gardeners with vital information about the quality of the soil in their landscape. (Photo by Mitchell Alcala, OSU Agriculture)

Conduct soil test now ahead of spring planting

Woman removing weeds from her garden (Photo: iStock - lucentius)
Black and black baldie cattle predominate the Merrill Ranch in Comanche County, Kansas. (Journal photo by Kylene Scott)
Kids having fun creating bottle gardens at home. They are potting little plants inside bottles to create miniature living eco-systems and beautiful home decoration. (Photo: iStock - Imgorthand)

Building and Caring for a Terrarium

  • By Aaron J. Steil │ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Muscari bulbs in a flower border covered in snow (Photo: iStock - PaulMaguire)

Cold? Snow? No matter to gardeners

A tanker takes a PrairieFood solution that can be applied through a center pivot irrigation system. (Courtesy photo.)