Herd-Boss Feeder aids in wet and dry feeding

Herd-Boss Feeder, Spalding, Nebraska, provides livestock producers with a way to put out wet or dry feed with the ease of delivery by pickup. The Herd-Boss Feeder allows farmers to feed wet or modified distillers grain, ear corn, silage, ground hay and sugar beets. It can also handle silage, ground hay or any mixture of feed. The Herd-Boss Feeder has a three-quarter horsepower motor that runs on a 12-volt system. It has a 50-to-1 gearbox and is floor chain driven. It can fit on any flatbed pickup and can be loaded with any type of loader tractor. With shortbed pickups, the Herd-Boss can be loaded with a skid steer. The box is 28 inches wide, 8 feet 6 inches long, 38 inches high and features a 17-inch spout. The box holds 50 cubic feet, which is equal to 2,000 pounds of modified distillers grains or cake, 33 bushels of ear corn or 3.95 bushels of wet corn. The Herd-Boss Feeder has available add-ons of a 4-inch spout, 6-inch spout and 8-inch spout. For more information, see a dealer or visit www.herdbossllc.com.