Green Cover Seed offers Fast Track Gamagrass

Green Cover Seed, Bladen, Nebraska, offers Fast Track Gamagrass for producers needing good forage. Fast Track Gamagrass offers an additional step for added long term productivity. Since Green Cover Seeds believes in biodiversity, officials encourage the interseeding of legumes and forbs into the gamagrass after the corn comes off. The corn can be taken off early as silage, which can even allow the planting of legumes in August of the seeding year. This allows some extra sunlight to the establishing gamagrass and is the preferred method, as it also allows the legumes to develop enough so that the pasture is useable by the second year. If the corn is taken for grain, no worries, the legumes can be interseeded the following spring. The Fast Track Gamagrass method not only gives farmers a productive pasture by the second year, it also gives you a crop of triticale or oat hay, a crop of corn silage, and fall pasturing during the establishment year. For more information, see a representative or visit