MCA and partners double members’ fair share contributions

Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President Butch Meier said MFA Incorporated and Quality Liquid Feeds entered into a promotional partnership, which is now in its fourth year, in an effort to increase “fair share” dollars in the association.

MFA, QLF, Elanco, MFA PowerCalf and Central Life Sciences teamed up this year to do things a little differently than past years, according to Meier.

“This year, this group of outstanding supporters of this association matched all fair share contributions into the association,” said Meier. “If a producer paid fair share, these partners turned their 50 cents per head into a dollar per head. Thanks to these sponsors, member contributions ended up totaling nearly $16,000.”

MCA Executive Vice President Mike Deering said fair share dues are on top of base dues. He said members voluntary pay 50 cents per head on top of their membership dues. He said these funds go toward strengthening the association’s junior programs and legislative efforts.

“The partnership is something that truly benefits MCA and its county affiliates,” Deering said. “We are excited to see participation in this program continue to grow.”