CommoditAg is latest entrant in web-based ag supply business

A new player in the web-based agricultural input supplies business is promising free shipping or delivery for qualified buyers in several states within the High Plains Journal coverage area.

CommoditAg, based in Effingham, Illinois, is an online ordering platform offering “high quality agriculture products at low prices,” said Tim Bence, CommoditAg’s chief operations officer. Bence said many growers want the simplicity to buy products online, without having to buy additional services. “Online buying is about simplicity and convenience to the grower,” Bence added. “Agriculture retail is just now coming to terms with this kind of model.”

This service is designed for producers who strictly want a lower price and the ability to either pick products up at a warehouse or have them delivered to the farm, said Ryan Wermert, chief strategy officer of CommoditAg. The business model is simple, transparent and features a consistent supply of high-quality products at a competitive price point, he added.

CommoditAg is driven by a strategic partnership between several agricultural retailers, including The Equity in Illinois and Sunrise Cooperative in Ohio, with additional retailers in other states to be announced in coming weeks. The group’s network of multiple warehouses in various states throughout the Corn Belt allows for easy pick-up and quick delivery of key crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides, adjuvants, fungicides and liquid and dry micro nutrients.

There are no membership fees, nor do CommoditAg users have to join any of the member cooperatives or businesses.

CommoditAg is offering free delivery for a limited time within Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio and Wisconsin for orders over $5,000. Free shipping is also offered for orders over $10,000 in Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. After the initial launch period CommoditAg will offer free delivery within 50 miles of any participating warehouse location before March 15. Growers are also welcome to pick-up their online order at any one of the warehouse locations.

More CommoditAg warehouses will be announced in the coming weeks.

“CommoditAg will continue to build its footprint across the U.S. providing convenient locations for growers who choose to purchase their crop protection and plant nutrition products online,” Bence said.

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