Kansas Soybean Yield Contest records first ever 100-bushel winner

The Kansas Soybean Yield Contest was won this year for the first time with a yield over 100 bushels per acre.

Meier Farms, Rexford, Kansas, won the contest with a yield of 100.67 bushels per acre. Roch and Marilyn Meier accepted the award at the Kansas Soybean Expo held Jan. 10 in Topeka, Kansas.

Meier planted the award-winning crop on May 24, 2017, with a plant population of 180,000 seeds per acre in 10-inch rows. Meier planted Pioneer 39T67, which was a popular number in the conventional till irrigated division of the Kansas Soybean Yield Contest.

Meier fertilized the award-winning field with 8 gallons of 10-34-0, 9 gallons of KTS and 15 gallons of 30-0-03. Chemicals applied included Prefix, Roundup, Warrant and Valor.

Second place in the conventional till irrigated division went to David and Scott Stroberg with a yield of 91.57 bushels per acre. Third place went to Craig Gigstad with a yield of of 91.18 bushels per acre.

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