Workshop to discuss livestock traceability

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture will fuse new features into this year’s conference, titled Livestock Traceability: Opportunities for Animal Agriculture, taking place April 10 to 12 at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel in Denver, Colorado. NIAA will once again offer animal agriculture stakeholders opportunities for communication, education and consensus—building on a critical issue concerning its constituency.

Livestock traceability affects all of animal agriculture. Possible disease outbreaks, international trade concerns, biosecurity issues, food globalization and country-of-origin labeling discussions influence consumers, policymakers, producers and distribution industries.

It’s in the media, it’s on the minds of shoppers and it’s at the forefront of agendas for both industry associations and government agencies. It is up to animal agriculture professionals to lead the discussion.

NIAA will also be hosting a very interactive workshop titled “Traceability and the Real World” on April 12, immediately following the conference. This workshop will focus on economics, technology, data management, action items, and next steps.

Also new this year will be the Trade Show/Technology Showcase with specific and expanded hours to allow plenty of time for attendees to learn about the most current technology, products and services focused on livestock traceability.

To maximize the effectiveness of the meeting, the NIAA Species Committee members will be included into the Issue Council discussions. All the issues that matter to individual species groups will now be part of the larger conversation in the six different councils meetings on Animal Health Emergency Management, Global Animal Health and Emerging Disease, Antibiotics, Animal Care, Animal ID & Information Systems, Food Security, Regulatory & Trade and a special meeting of the Aquatic Livestock Committee.

Join NIAA for another outstanding, interactive event at the 2018 NIAA Annual Conference April 10 to 12 in Denver, Colorado. Registration is now open. Go to