Colorado Student Leaders Institute links student leaders with state legislators

For one month each summer, Colorado Student Leaders Institute brings Colorado’s best and brightest high school students together to live and study on the University of Colorado-Denver campus. COSLI seeks to reinforce the importance of civic engagement, entrepreneurship, responsibility, accountability, ethics and integrity in the next generation of leaders, while also allowing these students to earn three hours of college credit. In addition to the inherent benefits students gain, it is noteworthy that up to 80% of students participating in a governor’s school program elect to remain in state for college and career. Helping the state retain these important Coloradans.

As part of the legislative requirement to match state funds with a $40,000 contribution, COSLI has initiated “COSLI Linked.” This student-run project offers you a chance to be heard by your state legislators, while giving students an opportunity to “link” with our state’s leaders.

COSLI is making paper chain links available for purchase for $5 each. Buyers will write a message on the link, a copy of which will be hand-delivered to the chosen recipient on April 19. This is when COSLI students, supporters and alumni from around the state, will gather at the capitol to wrap the links around the building as a way of “linking” COSLI with Colorado’s leaders. These 8,000 links will put COSLI at their annual goal of $40,000 and will break the Guinness World record for longest paper chain created by a team.

Links can be purchased through until April 18 at 12 a.m. After you purchase your links, email the message you would like written on your link to [email protected]. Copies of your link messages will be delivered after the wrapping event.