Kansas Livestock Association gives a sample of ag bills and will host a legislative meeting Feb. 13 in Topeka

The pace of bill introductions and committee hearings is accelerating as state lawmakers begin the fifth week of the 2018 Kansas legislative session. Following is a sampling of agriculture-related bills the KLA lobbying staff is monitoring.

End guns on pivots­—HB 2564 would allow the Division of Water Resources to ban the use of end guns on center pivot irrigation systems in fully appropriated areas, areas closed to new appropriations and in any groundwater management district. KLA will testify in opposition to HB 2564.

Noxious weeds—The House Agriculture Committee has concluded a hearing on HB 2583, which would update the state’s noxious weed laws. HB 2583 would change the process for designating noxious weeds by giving the Kansas Department of Agriculture authority to list noxious weeds through rules and regulations. The bill also would allow county commissioners to declare certain plants as noxious weeds in their jurisdiction and would require mulch hay on property owned or managed by the state to be certified weed free. KLA supports HB 2583.

Poultry regulations—The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee recently introduced a bill (SB 337) that would clarify the animal conversion units for dry litter poultry production facilities would be different than liquid manure systems currently recognized in state law.

These and other bills will be discussed by members during the KLA Legislative Meeting Feb. 13 in Topeka. The meeting will start with a complimentary lunch at 11:30 a.m., sponsored by Capital City Bank. KLA lobbyists will review proposed legislation for members to discuss from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Registration for lunch and the legislative meeting is free to members. The cost for the evening social and steak dinner with legislators is $40 per person. KLA members can register by visiting https://www.kla.org/klalegislativemeetingdinner.aspx.