MCA moves 3 resolutions forward at national level

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association brought three member-driven resolutions forward to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association grasroots policy process at the recent Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

MCA partnered with Colorado Cattlemen’s Association; Iowa Cattlemen’s Association; Kansas Livestock Association; Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association; and North Dakota Stockmen’s Association to bring policy forward on the definition of beef.

The unanimously passed policy opposes alternative proteins being permitted to use nomenclature associated with proteins sourced from livestock production. The resolution opposes these proteins claiming to be equivalent to, or a substitute for, proteins derived from livestock produced by a farm and ranch family. The resolution also supports the definition of beef to only include products derived from actual livestock and harvested for human consumption.

“In light of plant-based proteins and laboratory grown food products being pushed by animal rights extremists and others, we feel it is absolutely critical to act now to protect beef nomenclature,” said MCA Secretary David Dick, who presented the resolution in the NCBA Agriculture and Food Policy Committee in Phoenix. “We are not opposed to technology or plant-based proteins. We are absolutely opposed to these products using traditional beef nomenclature, which confuses consumers and weakens the value of the products we produce.”

Along those lines, MCA joined with the same state affiliates to successfully pass a directive instructing NCBA staff to research laboratory cultured “meat” and to determine the nutrient profile of these products, among other things. The state affiliates also want a better understanding of who would regulate these products to ensure safety in the food supply.

MCA also led a resolution to oppose local, state and federal governments from imposing any type of usage or consumption tax on beef.

“There has been recent talk of establishing a consumption or sin tax on beef, which is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a while,” said MCA President Greg Buckman. “Beef is a healthy and nutritious food source that should be readily available without undo added costs. Period.”

These policy resolutions were adopted by the full NCBA Board of Directors at the conclusion of the convention.