Have fun with your food!

You’re never too old to have fun with your food! Get creative in the kitchen and find ways to make healthy foods the main attraction this winter. Use cookie cutters to add a seasonal twist to your favorite foods. Follow the steps below to create a snowy scene using foods from all five food groups!

MyPlate Snowman Scene

Before getting started, be sure to wash your hands.


2 slices whole-grain bread

peanut butter

1 banana

a handful of raisins

5-6 pretzel sticks

2 slices low-fat cheese

your favorite green veggie (we used a bell pepper)

1/2 cup air-popped popcorn (or light-colored cereal)

butter knife

cutting board

snowman cookie cutter

small snowflake cookie cutter

plate (solid color works best)


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1. Make a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then, cut out a snowman from the center.

2. Cut snowflakes from the cheese slices. (Tip: Don’t have a snowflake cookie cutter? Use a plain circle and create snowballs instead!)

3. Now let’s create the scene! Move your snowman to the plate and give him a face, hat, buttons and arms. If it’s cold outside, he may need a scarf too.

4. Add a background by covering the ground in “snow” and planting “trees.”

5. Let it snow! Add cheese snowflakes or snowballs to complete the scene on your plate.

6. Have fun and make it your own. Try orange or yellow low-fat cheese to add stars or a sun to the sky. Plant extra trees, build a house or make a snowman family! Enjoy leftovers from the sandwich or snowflakes as a snack or refrigerate and save for later.