You can have fun and get stronger

One of the best ways to keep your body and mind functioning at their best is to exercise. Regular participation in strengthening exercises can help you build muscle and increase bone density, which prevents frailty and osteoporosis.

Despite compelling research about the benefits of muscle strengthening, the majority of older adults, particularly women, do not currently perform these exercises. Reasons include: fear of injuring themselves, no experience with lifting weights, lack of access to a professional experienced with older populations, expense of fitness centers and very few community programs. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy addresses these challenges by providing a safe, welcoming environment where certified instructors teach older adults how to strengthen their muscles.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy is an eight-week, 16 session class for older adults. The goals of this workshop are to reduce the number of falls among older adults and increase their ability to continue living independently by improving their balance, flexibility and muscle/bone strength and provide training, educational materials and support to certified instructors to ensure successful implementation and management of this program.

This Stay Strong, Stay Healthy class will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday, starting April 3 and 5 and concluding on May 22 and 24. This program will be conducted at the Grantville Methodist Church. All weights will be provided.

This workshop is not limited to the Grantville area, but is for anyone that is interested. Registration forms will be at this meeting and must be filled up and completed before the first class on April 3rd. There are a limited number of spots available for this workshop.

For more information, contact Cindy Williams at 785-863-2212. Let’s bring in spring by becoming healthier.