That Little Hometown Cafe

There’s really not a better way 

for you to start another day 

than startin’ out your mornin’ 

at that Little Hometown Cafe.

That little place I tell about 

won’t be hard to find. 

It’s where all the locals go 

to start a new day’s grind.

Feed trucks line the curb outside, 

guarded by heeler pups, 

while their drivers ride the counter stools 

and drink a dozen cups.

Smoke floats around in a thick blue haze, 

and, while the bacon fries, 

all the local experts are tellin’

the same old lies.

Broncs get rode, and steers get roped,

and sports teams get re-coached 

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just across the counter 

from where the eggs get poached.

Elections get re-counted. 

Record fish get caught. 

Fugitives get re-captured, 

and twelve-point bucks get shot.

Gossip gets repeated 

and improved along the way, 

a most important function 

of that Little Hometown Cafe.

The place is habit formin’, 

if you go there more’n twice. 

There’s just no better place on earth 

to get and give advice.

No one there is bashful 

in expressin’ his own views, 

and you get free commentary 

on all the current news.

Everyone has an opinion. 

No one rides the fence, 

and the place is just plumb crowded 

with “experts in residence.”

So, if you search for wisdom, 

information or advice, 

a round of coffee for the house 

is shore a bargain price.

They’ll set you straight on everything, 

then send you on your way, 

that august body holdin’ session 

at that Little Hometown Cafe.

Editor’s note: Joe Kreger writes from his home in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. His CDs are available from the Journal by calling 1-800-954-5263. For personal appearance information, call 1-816-550-6549.