Colorado Egg Producers teaming up with Ronald McDonald House, local food banks this Easter season

The local farms that make up the Colorado Egg Producers Association will once again be helping out the Easter Bunny this year in spreading the holiday sprit.

This week, the organization will be serving omelettes and other treats to families at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.  

And this comes after CEP member farms partnered up with Feeding Colorado and our local food banks this past week, to donate more than 300,000 eggs—ensuring those in need will have eggs in time for the holiday. While this marks the 11th year in a row that CEP has partnered with Feeding Colorado for Easter, it’s estimated that Colorado’s local egg farms altogether donate about 1 million eggs annually to the state’s food banks through their regular donations year-round.

Members of the media are welcome and encouraged to attend the upcoming event at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, where the Easter Bunny will also be on hand, in addition to the CEP representatives helping feed families in the Ronald McDonald Family Room. 

CEP has been involved in a number of other efforts supporting the local Ronald McDonald House organization, having recently donated $30,000 to its radio-thon fundraiser in November.  

"We’re truly blessed to partner with such wonderful organizations," CEP Executive Director Bill Scebbi said. "Our local egg farms want to reach out make a difference in their communities, and collaborating with the likes of the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding Colorado makes our impact go farther."