Company unveils new planter technology

AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, has unveiled two new planter models under the White Planters name. The planters offer features conventional and no-till farmers are requesting, so they can accurately plant more acres of corn during the ideal planting window so critical for optimum yields.

Growers who want to accurately plant more acres per day while minimizing yield-robbing compaction can turn to the new White Planters 9924VE planter. This 24-row, 30-inch large-frame planter has a 150-bushel, dual tank, central-fill system that allows planting of approximately 300 acres before a refill is needed. It rides on the industry’s best track system, which is 67 inches long and available in 25-inch or 30-inch widths. This extra flotation helps producers get into the field earlier for planting.

The WP9924VE offers a proven and reliable vSet meter, vDrive electronic drive system and fully integrated 20/20 SeedSense monitoring from Precision Planting. When combined with the vSet meter, SpeedTube, from Precision Planting, consistently delivers 99-plus percent accurate seed placement of corn at speeds nearly double traditional operating speeds. SpeedTube and DeltaForce automated downforce are available as factory-installed options.

The WP9222VE planter has vSet meters, the vDrive system, 20/20 monitoring and is available in a 12-row, 30-inch configuration. This flex-frame design makes it easy to add row-unit-mounted tillage coulters to cut residue and prepare the seed zone ahead of double disc openers. The planter is built with extra strength in the wing pivot joint and linkage to handle no-till conditions. It also offers liquid fertilizer options with frame-mounted fertilizer openers.

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