Most wheat in fair to good condition

For the week ending April 22, there were 3.2 days suitable for fieldwork, according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Northern Plains Regional Field Office, Nebraska. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 2 percent very short, 18 short, 76 adequate, and 4 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 4 percent very short, 25 short, 70 adequate, and 1 surplus.

Corn planted was 2 percent, behind 15 last year and 9 for the five-year average.

Soybeans planted was 1 percent, near 3 last year, and equal to average.

Winter wheat condition rated 1 percent very poor, 6 poor, 37 fair, 46 good, and 10 excellent.

Oats planted was 46 percent, well behind 79 last year and 78 average. Emerged was 15 percent, well behind 37 both last year and average.