Farmers can save big on propane irrigation equipment

The Propane Education & Research Council encourages farmers to take advantage of the 2018 Propane Farm Incentive Program as they prepare for the upcoming summer growing season. Interested producers can apply at Approved applicants will be able to register their equipment using a convenient new registration website.

The Propane Farm Incentive Program is a nationwide research and demonstration initiative that offers farmers financial incentives toward the purchase of new propane-powered farm equipment. Sponsored by PERC, the program provides incentives to qualifying and selected farmers who purchase equipment in exchange for sharing feedback and real-world performance data. The program helps offset the costs of new agricultural equipment so that farmers can take advantage of propane technology.

“The Propane Farm Incentive Program covers different types of equipment, and as we move into warmer weather and irrigation increases, now is the perfect time for farmers considering a new engine to take advantage of the program to save on upfront costs as well for maximum savings overall,” said Cinch Munson, senior vice president of business development at PERC. “New propane-powered engines are very efficient and help farmers reduce costs and improve their bottom line. With the online application and new registration process, it has never been easier to take advantage of these incentives.”

For more information about the incentive program, a list of qualifying equipment, and the online application, visit

“We have a limited amount of funds available, so we encourage producers interested in taking advantage of the program to apply as soon as possible to ensure savings,” Munson said.

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