Cowboy Grass Meeting scheduled for May 22 in Protection

Given the circumstances of the last three years in the heartland, one can make the assumption that Mr. Murphy has set up shop right on our front porch. You know Murphy’s Law—“anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Who would have thought? The third consecutive year of record wildfires, coupled with the driest period from October to April. This is the driest we’ve been since the 1870s, when they started keeping track of these things. It seems like when it rains, it pours metaphorically—when something can go wrong in a crisis or stressful time, it seems Mr. Murphy moves in and puts a damper on our livelihoods, plans and pride.

The Comanche Pool Prairie Resource Foundation, along with K-State Research and Extension-Comanche County, will be hosting a grass recovery workshop, Cowboy Grass Recovery on May 22 at the Protection Township Library in Protection, Kansas.

KC Olson, professor of range beef cattle nutrition and management, will discuss short and long-term outlooks on grass management. This will include plant secession, long-term range health after a traumatic event and strategies that can help with recovery. Jess Crockford will also be on hand to talk about his new position with the Comanche Pool and Kansas Prescribed Fire Council.

This meeting will focus on what we know, as well as things we don’t know. Lunch will be provided—smoked brisket, beans and chips. While this is an informative meeting, there will also be a question and answer session with presenters as well as time to visit with other producers. Please RSVP by May 18 to Aaron Sawyers at 620-582-2411 or [email protected] to guarantee your meal.