Healthy living in a small town

Many small towns are lucky if they have a local grocery store. Having one that special orders fresh produce to fill a need….well that is extra special. The small town of Spearville—in southwest Kansas—is lucky enough to have Kelly’s Corner Grocery providing this small town with a grocery store that has a meat counter and the Southwest Produce Hub group that fills baskets with fresh fruits and vegetables every other week.

This local promotion of healthy living is not new, just made easier. After the Bountiful Baskets program was discontinued in the area, Kelly’s Corner Grocery owners Kelly and Kayla Persinger were approached about filling this need. The idea began in August of 2016 and continues today, averaging about 30 baskets every two weeks.

Kelly utilizes his grocery supplier to utilize weekly hot deals in order to provide fresh produce staples such as lettuce, celery, cucumbers and potatoes in special ordered produce baskets. These bi-weekly baskets also include seasonal fruit and holiday specials, such as baking supplies during the holidays. Some weeks you can also add meat from their fresh meat counter to the basket.

Every two weeks, Kelly puts in his order for produce to be included in a regular or organic basket and then works to fill a special basket as well. Orders are placed via the Southwest Produce Hub’s Facebook page or by calling the grocery store. Store employees fill each basket, which can be picked up on Saturday morning. There are usually three basket choices to choose from, the regular basket (of which you won’t know all of the surprises inside until you pick it up), the organic basket (which is a very similar organic version of the regular basket) and a specialty basket.

I, myself, and my family are hooked on these high quality, fresh produce of the bi-weekly baskets provided by Southwest Produce Hub and look forward to them.

The process is a true small town affair. While Kelly researches the deals of the week and puts in the orders, Kayla updates the Facebook page and takes the orders. Then store employees fill each basket. If you would like volunteer to help pack baskets, contact Kelly at the store 620-385-2311. He would love to have your help.

This wonderful opportunity is also a great way for citizens of southwest Kansas to not only support their local, small-town grocer; it is also a great way to strive towards healthy eating and hopefully a healthy lifestyle. You can be added to the Southwest Produce Hub’s Facebook group by accessing them on the grocery store’s Facebook page, Kelly’s Corner Grocery. You can also call the store for more information.