Pierce introduces VaxMate

Pierce, Henrietta, Texas, has introduced its one-of-a-kind, VaxMate. The Pierce designed VaxMate with the veterinarian and rancher in mind. The cooler stores livestock vaccines at a consistent, ideal temperature and includes a holster for syringe guns, protecting them from damaging ultra-violet rays. The Pierce team worked on the VaxMate prototype for over a year. The end product is a high-quality cooler with a built-in temperature gauge.The thermometer can be set at your vaccine’s degradation temperature. The VaxMate sounds an alarm if the internal temperature goes above or below the manually set temperature. Other features include: A freezer-grade seal to regulate temperature; stainless steel syringe holder,perfectly angled for easy access and sun protection; stainless steel instrument tray to organize your veterinary supplies and vaccines; specially built handles for easy carrying; rubber feet to protect the cooler from slipping on the bed of a truck or other surfaces; and the temperature can be manually set. For more information, see a dealer or visit www.piercearrow.com.